What is Nova Life?

Nova Life offers retirement coaching and aging in place services to help you create the next age of your life: making it more comfortable, fun and fulfilling.

Bob Long is our Retirement Coach. He will work with you to create a plan that is all your own. This phase of your life will bring many changes: to your body, your mind, your emotions, your social network, your environment and life purpose. At the end of your coaching, we want you tosay: “this is my vision going forward.

Our certified Aging in Place specialists will do a complete assessment and plan for  your home to make it safer, prevent falls, be more open, roomier and comfortable.  We will also provide you with various resources and technology that are vital to making your home work more efficiently for you.  Should you decide to downsize and move, we will provide you with a plan and Resources to help reduce the stress of relocating. Call 239-560-2385 or email today blong@novalifesfl.com

Bob LongAn AARP poll revealed 85% of seniors want to stay in their homes for life. Most fear losing their independence and going into a nursing home more than they fear death. Count me in as part of the 85%. I have a passion to stay home, remain as healthy as possible, surround myself with great friends and have a strong purpose for getting up each day. That purpose is to help other seniors maximize and enjoy this very fulfilling stage of life. Successfully helping myself and others requires training. To that end, I took 500 hours of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, got certified by the National Association of Home Builders as an Aging in Place Specialist, ISSA trained and certified in Fitness for Seniors, got licensed by Retirement Options as a Retirement Coach, and am a Florida Realtor.

Whether one on one, with your partner, or in a group setting, my commitment to you is to develop a plan for the non-financial aspects of retirement. You will openly welcome this new phase of your life with a clear vision of opportunities and excitement.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing life’s possibilities soon.

Bob Long

239 560 2385

Sharon Chatham SullivanMy name is Sharon and I am about as old as a boomer can be: (you do the math).  From the time I was a little girl I wanted to be an interior designer and planner.  I got my wish graduating from Michigan State with a degree in interior design and later a Masters in Urban Planning.   One miserable November (local station in Detroit kept track of the days with no sun) sent me running to Florida.

I’ve now lived in Florida for 25 years and know I found my home.  I’m living in a villa where I plan to stay forever, if I can. I’d like to help you with a similar goal as well.

I want to help others make their home comfortable and safe as well as attractive.  This is not about creating some fabulous over decorated home, but a place that will evolve and adapt to your changing needs and reflect your life and achievements.

You can reach me at: 239-292-4436